This project started after stumbling upon a picture of an FX
compressor.   I set out to make my own automated pump for my
pcp's.   After a little research and some testing, I soon had a
prototype compressor to test.   Didn't take long from there to fine
tune my design and come out with a finished product ready to
provide years of service.
I used a 1/2hp, General Electric
120v motor to provide the power
for this model
The frame is constructed of 11ga  
2" square tubing, and the base is
2" angle iron, angle cut for
maximum rigidity.   The ends of the
tubing are boxed in and smoothed
over for a clean look.
The frame bolts into the base
using a reciever hitch style mount,
and uses a brace along the back
for added strength.

The lower mount for the pump
rides on 2 sealed bearings for
smooth operation.
The compressor has a simple and
effective belt tensioning unit, to
keep proper tension on the drive
belts.  2 flat idler pulleys on
bearings are used to reduce
Every pivot rides on bearings to
reduce friction and increase
longevity.  It has been constructed
to be serviceable should a bearing
need replaced or anything fixed at
some point down the road.
Pump has been tested to 230 Bar,
and will effectively do any job you
currently use a handpump for.   It
is ideal for filling pcp rifles without
breaking a sweat- or the bank on a
high dollar compressor!